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Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2020 12:00:00 AM

This year’s ORR Protection Technician Conference theme was “Wiring for Connection." Bi-annually, ORR brings our field forces together for a few days of education, inspiration, and fun. The focus of this year’s event was to help reinforce the connection between workers in the field and the teams that support them.

The Tech Conference is a popular event for old friends from across the U.S. who love the opportunity to reconnect. We intentionally mix up attendees from different regions who don’t see one another often. Seeing co-workers, hanging out, and telling stories is always the best part of the event.

Scroll through the album below to see some of the highlights of the conference!

Of course, the conference isn’t all leisure – we work too. Clark Orr and Ray Aldridge discussed the vision and objectives for the business. Mark Leonardi, director of Associate Services, educated the group on emotional intelligence. And technical training was presented by Bob and Aaron from our training team.

To keep people who are typically on the go engaged during the conference, rotating sessions helped deliver information on business concepts, new markets for our services, employee benefits and support, and company programs for making our technicians’ work life better.

In the afternoon of the first day we held a work fair where participants visited with different departments from within ORR. It was a quick and efficient way for information to be shared and for connections to be made between the techs and those who support them. Many people found the fair to be a great way to meet new people and converse with company leaders.

Two fun events were held during the conference. For team building, teams attended different escape rooms – a challenge even for people adept at troubleshooting. For socializing we held an event with a barbeque buffet in a Louisville sports club where everyone was able to relax, eat, and have some fun playing pool, darts, video games, and giant Jenga®.

The most important part of the conference was recognizing some of our employees for their outstanding achievements over the year. We recognized new hires who have joined the team and we gave years of service awards to technicians who reached important milestones. The Most Valuable Technician award was given to one technician in each region. The winners were identified and voted on by their peers as being the most outstanding technician in their area. 

Since 1948, the Orr family has employed a talented team of associates who are committed to protecting people, property and the environment. The same is true today and will be tomorrow. When you join the ORR family, you know who you’re working for and what you’re working for. Let our history inspire your future. For more information on joining the ORR team and our current available positions , visit our Careers page--and take the first steps toward your next move to a meaningful career in fire protection.

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