spray dryer EP system


IEP Technologies has conducted thousands of full-scale explosion tests to better understand the science behind flame...
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The IEP Technologies Combustion Research Center uses recognized test methods, such as those published by ASTM, U.S....
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An explosion suppression system consists of three components: a (i) detector; (ii) control unit; and (iii)...
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Explosion isolation systems are designed to detect an explosion in a process vessel, and then create a barrier that...
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Dust collectors work by separating particulate matter from a flowing air stream. In most instances, the process...
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ABOUT IEP Technologies

IEP Technologies formed from four leading explosion protection companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. We use our shared technologies, system design methodologies and application experience to produce active and passive explosion protection solutions for combustible dust and vapor threats anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to offer leading edge explosion protection solutions to our customers worldwide.

We do this by designing the best protection solutions, manufacturing innovative explosion protection components; providing precise applications engineering; and supporting our customers with responsive sales/service professionals and programs such as our “You First” program which underscores the entire IEP Technologies organization's commitment to do whatever is necessary to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.