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Fire Detection and Suppression Sytems Fire Alarm Systems and Smoke Detection
ORR Protection posted this on July 31, 2018
As a complement to our 2018 seminar series, Fire Protection Playbook: Winning Maintenance Strategies for Buildings that Don't Quit, ORR Protection is hosting a summer webinar series covering ITM and..Read More


HI-FOG, by Marioff, is the world’s leading water mist fire protection technology. HI FOG systems use high pressure to...
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About Marioff

Marioff was founded in 1985 with the mission of protecting people property, and business from fire, on land and at sea. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Marioff currently employs about 400 people worldwide. Marioff is a global company, part of the Fire and Security Division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

The company’s background in marine and offshore high pressure hydraulics (the company’s name comes from MARIne and OFFshore) led to the development of a fire protection technology which makes use of the best attributes of a truly environmentally benign agent: water.

Marioff is the world’s leading supplier of water mist fire protection systems that designs, manufactures and supplies high pressure water mist fire protection systems under the HI-FOG brand name. Since its launch in 1991, HI-FOG has been earning a reputation for superior fire suppression performance, becoming the standard for water mist fire protection.

HI-FOG is the fire protection technology of choice across a diverse range of applications, backed by a dedicated team whose one aim is to provide customer satisfaction.