Smoke Detection

Fire and Smoke Detection Systems

Fire detectors identify high temperatures or the presence of particles created in the early stages of combustion. This information is then relayed to the fire panel.

Spot Smoke Detection

These systems use devices that respond to the smoke particles produced by a fire. They operate on the ionization,...
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Air Sampling Smoke Detection

An Air Sampling Detector consists of a piping or tubing distribution network that runs from the detector to the area(s)...
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Beam Detection

Beam detection has become commonplace within large open areas, such as atriums, warehouses, etc. Beam Detectors are...
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Duct Detection

Building, fire and life safety codes often require the installation of duct smoke detection in heating, ventilating,...
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Video Smoke Detection

D-Tec’s Video Smoke Detection (VSD) systems have been developed to overcome many of the problems associated with smoke...
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Spot Heat Detection

These systems use heat-responsive devices of either the spot or line type. They are mounted on exposed ceiling surfaces...
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Linear Heat Detection

These systems are relatively low cost. Line-type detectors can be installed in a relatively inconspicuous manner by...
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Flame Detection

Flame detectors are solutions for virtually any application where fire may result in a large loss of capital equipment...
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Gas Detection

The use of a gas monitoring system, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels of gases are detected, can help...
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