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Fire Protection in Power Generation

The Power Generation industry is vital to modern society. From powering our computers and cars to providing light and heat, energy plays an integral role in the lives of humankind.

ORR Protection offers a multitude of industry-focused services for all types of power generation facilities with the flexibility to deploy anywhere in North America and the Caribbean. We are seasoned experts in fire risk assessments, fire suppression system design, installation and inspection, maintenance and repair, and emergency response.

ORR’s Power Generation team has extensive experience working with all types of customers, from small local organizations to large national private-sector installations, commercial data centers, and even public utilities in both regulated and unregulated sites. We’re also well versed in grid and microgrid configurations. 

Our team will provide a comprehensive and seamless solution package for your organization whether you are in charge of facilities, procurement, or are a contractor. We have the in-house expertise to provide the broad spectrum of services you need. Services including:

  • System engineering and design

  • Code knowledge

  • Hazard mitigation analysis

  • Emergency communication

  • Emergency response plan development 

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Power generation facilities, whether hydroelectric or fossil fuel, all present significant and varied fire hazards, from both the fuel and the rotating machinery. Fire also poses a significant business risk, not only because power plants are a major capital investment, but also because downtime can have serious repercussions for those who depend on an uninterrupted supply of electricity.



Like data centers, broadband facilities rely on sensitive computing equipment, they are often tightly packed, cooling is a concern, cables and network equipment are always live with electricity, and a fire would be catastrophic. Risk is accentuated when buildings are unmanned. Many are located in remote areas. In some cases, the buildings sole purpose is to house telco network equipment and fire suppression equipment is not required by the AHJ.

Rick Reynolds

Vice President, Power Generation

Rick has worked in the fire protection industry for over 35 years. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at corporate meetings, workshops, conventions, and industry trade shows related to fire protection. Rick is a master electrician and has achieved numerous certifications in both the electrical and fire protection industries. 

Rick joined ORR Protection in 1991 and was elevated quickly to operations manager for the Southeast Region. He was instrumental in developing ORR’s National Accounts Program. In 2010, Rick became vice president of National Accounts and the Southeast region of ORR Protection. Then in 2018, Rick assumed the role of vice president for the Power Generation Marketplace, an ever-evolving market that includes the country’s energy storage marketplace. 

Chuck Hatfield

National Account Manager,
Power Generation

Chuck began his career as a fire fighter and paramedic in Atlanta, GA. He quickly moved into industrial fire protection where he specialized in R&D as well as distributer and end-user training. Chuck went on to develop the industrial fire brigade training and special hazards awareness for the entire utility industry before taking a position at ORR Protection.

Chuck has continued to build upon his fire protection expertise over the past 15 years, working in many types of power plants and other heavy industrial sites. When he is not traveling the country supporting utility sites with fire protection solutions, Chuck spends his time at home with his wife and 6 children.

Lee Kaiser, P.E.

Vice President of Engineering

Lee  is VP of Engineering and Technical Training for ORR Protection and is Chairperson of the technical committee for NFPA 75, Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment. His career at ORR has been to provide technical and thought leadership in the protection of mission critical facilities.

Lee is a professional engineer in the discipline of fire protection engineering. He participates in industry committees for ORR and gives technical education sessions at conferences and seminars throughout the county.