Inspection and Testing


Today, some of the largest and most successful companies in the world trust ORR to service and maintain their fire systems which protect their most valuable assets and mission critical processes. In fact, over the past three and a half decades, ORR’s service team has and continues to provide unmatched performance when it comes to Testing, Inspecting and Maintenance of your fire systems.

  • All Manufactures and Types of Systems
    • ORR Technicians are cross-trained at ORR University to Test & Inspect your fire system no matter the Brand.
    • Whether it is Fire Alarm or more complex Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, our team of technicians can handle it.
  • Technical Experience where it counts
    • The average ORR Field Technician has over 8 years of field experience.
    • Technicians are Manufacturer-Trained, Licensed and Certified
    • Each ORR Technician Test & Inspects to ISO-9001 Quality Standards to maintain consistent/accurate inspections
  • Code Compliance
    • ORR University along with ISO-9001-2000 Quality Standards ensures our field technicians are trained to meet local, state, and national fire codes
  • Single Point of Contact
    • ORR has the capacity to manage all of your fire systems wherever they may be located through one service coordinator.
    • Consistency
    • Work flow efficiencies. (Less coordination on your part.)
    • Significant time and money savings.
  • ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards
    • In any operation, the quality of the work completed is significantly impacted by the skill of the individual performing the work. At ORR, all of our operations, from sales to design to project management to back-office to service, are structured to meet the newest ISO-9001 Quality Standards.