Three Different ORR Companies Over 20 Years: Meet Jennie

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I couldn’t help but smile as I talked with Jennie. She’s done a lot in her 20 years at ORR – receptionist, purchasing, training, accounting, technical support and more. As we were talking she would remember another position she held and another person she’d worked for. I found it endearing and completely understandable that she couldn’t initially remember all things that she’s done.

Jennie DiazJennie has worked for three different ORR companies. She started with ORR in June 1998 after graduating from high school. ORR came highly recommended from both her father and her uncle. Her dad worked as an installer for OPS when she was young and her uncle is going on 38 years with ORR.

“I have been hearing about ORR since I was a kid,” said Jennie. “My dad would tell stories about working in the field with Bud Orr and how much he admired his work ethic. I had the opportunity to join ORR as a full-time receptionist while going to college part time,” said Jennie. “It was a great job for a college student.”

Since then Jennie has worked for ORR Safety as a buyer in the purchasing department and a training coordinator for ORR Professional Services. And there were a few more jobs in between that she recalled throughout the course of our conversation. Then she landed in InspectionLogic.    

“After ORR Professional Services dissolved a position was created for me in InspectionLogic,” said Jennie. “At first I was making collection calls, still covering the reception desk and doing some software installation. It was a rocky transition and I wasn’t sure if I would stay at ORR,” she explained.

But as she found her footing in yet another ORR line of business she realized she had found her place. “It meant a lot to me that they wanted me to stay enough to find a job for me, so I worked hard to prove myself. Being part of InspectionLogic has been the best part of my career so far.”

Jennie says the smallness of InspectionLogic – there are only eight employees – makes for an interesting dynamic.

“We’re a close group and they look out for me. They let me do my job which shows me they trust me and have confidence in me. ”

I asked Jennie why she’s stayed at ORR for 20 years and without hesitation she said that it’s because ORR has given her opportunities to learn.

“I’ve been able enhance my skillset and learn so many new things throughout my career,” said Jennie. “I’m not finished learning and I know this is the place where I can continue to grow.”

Diaz Family

Ed, Jennie, Nicole, Alannah, Jeffrey and Gabriel

To top it all off, Jennie met her husband as a result of working at ORR. They met at an industry conference hosted by InspectionLogic for their software customers. Jennie and her husband have a daughter in college, two teenage sons, a seven year old daughter and a baby on the way.

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