ORR Corporation Celebrates 70 Years of Protecting People

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2018 marks the 70th anniversary of ORR Corporation. In today’s ever changing business landscape longevity is rare, but a passion for people and a focus on innovation has helped ORR thrive for seven decades.

It’s a Story We Love to Tell

In 1948, Clark Orr, Sr., began selling industrial safety products from the trunk of his Packard car. He only had a few product offerings, namely Murine Eyewash and work gloves but he made his first sale and ORR Safety was born. In 1971 ORR expanded its growth beyond safety equipment distribution when it started one of the country's first fire suppression companies, ORR Protection Systems. Then in 1991, ORR opened the doors of its third company, what is now InspectionLogic. InspectionLogic created and supports the premier fugitive emissions LDAR software in the nation.

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A Passion for People

ORR Associates have played an integral part in the company’s success. The family-owned company has fostered a family-like environment where associates genuinely care for one another both professionally and personally.

This is exemplified through the programs and benefits offered to ORR Associates as well as the on-going acts of service to one another and the community. But the biggest indicator of ORR’s passion for its people is the number of long-tenured associates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees stay with employers an average of 4.2 years. But ORR currently has over 40 associates who have been with the company for more than 25 years! We are proud to share their stories with you. Check back to our blog to read about these dedicated associates.

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A Focus on Innovation and Creating Value

Innovation has helped make ORR a thriving business for 70 years and we're not slowing down any time soon. There will always be external forces projecting change on our business. Things like the economy, new competition, world events, regulation changes and so on. But ORR has a history of putting a very deliberate focus on innovation. We are always looking for unique opportunities to enhance our status as the industry experts while building lasting relationships with our customers.

This focus on innovation and creating value for our customers has led to the creation of products and services designed specifically for our customers. We work to thoroughly understand their needs, then create solutions that address their challenges. We will bend over backwards to deliver on our commitments and as a result we cultivate partnerships built on trust.

Here’s to the next 70 years!

Three generations and seven decades later, the ORR family of companies remains dedicated to our mission of Protecting People, Property and the Environment. A proven focus on our associates, customers and innovation will continue to be ORR’s strategy for the next 70 years.

Celebrating 70 years


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