ORR Associates Livestream Funeral in Midst of Social Distancing

Posted by Keith Miller on Apr 17, 2020 12:00:00 AM

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people in different ways. For some it’s the frustration of being stuck at home or not having access to the toiletries they need. For others it runs much deeper as they deal with the loss of a loved one in a time of mandated social distancing.

Becky is ORR Safety’s ecommerce specialist. She works in the marketing department at the Louisville office. On March 11, Becky’s uncle passed away. “My uncle Gary was a big part of our family,” said Becky. “His death was a huge loss.”

Because of the coronavirus, funeral homes have implemented strict guidelines regarding funerals. Only immediate family can attend services and those present must sit at least six feet apart.

“We have a big family and we’re very close,” explained Becky. “Our way of grieving and getting through hard times is to come together and support one another. We have had to adapt. It’s been hard.”

Becky wanted to find a way to include more family and friends in the service. During a Marketing department meeting on Teams she asked if anyone had any ideas of a way to live stream her uncle’s funeral service. Phil, ORR Safety’s ecommerce manager and Becky’s supervisor, reached out to her after the meeting and offered to help her explore the options available.

Together Becky and Phil researched and tested various platforms. “I really appreciated Phil reaching out to me and his willingness to help my family during this difficult time,” said Becky.

It was ultimately decided that Facebook Live would be the best option. A private group was created, and invitations were sent to family and friends. During the live stream of the service 56 people participated and were able to chat, sharing memories, photos and reactions to the eulogy in real time. “Even though we weren’t all together in person, it was nice to be able to come together virtually,” said Becky. “It helped to bring some closure.”

ORR is committed to the service of others. Usually that comes in the form of being dedicated to finding solutions for our customers. During these times, it’s more often coming in the form of serving our communities by being dedicated to helping our coworkers, friends and those in need find solutions to the problems they’re facing. It’s times like these that highlight the benefits of being part of the ORR family.

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