Dustin’s ORR Story: Building Relationships and Fostering Communication

Posted by Marty Nichter on Feb 8, 2024 9:00:00 AM


Building relationships and fostering strong communication are at the heart of Dustin’s ORR story.

“I’ve been friends with Scott and Ryan for a long time,” Dustin shares. “Scott was working at ORR and encouraged me to apply here in 2012. Then, I recommended ORR to Ryan. And they're both still with the company today. I've been friends with them for a very long time. We've all changed roles since starting with the company – we have grown together, like family.” 

Relationships and Values

Dustin pic 2-1Dustin worked for ORR Protection as a National Accounts Coordinator from 2012 through 2015 before leaving for another opportunity. During that first stint with the company, he forged a relationship with David, a Service Dispatcher working for ORR in Ohio.

“David and I instantly clicked because we had the same mentality about how jobs should be scheduled,” explains Dustin. “He saw my work ethic, and I saw his. We gained mutual respect because we both went above and beyond to make sure that things were done properly and efficiently. Although we were in different regions of the country, our open communication is what enabled our success.”

In 2022, after several years away, Dustin was looking to make a career change. ORR Protection and the people he had bonded with there immediately came to mind.

“I reached out to David. He and I had kept in touch. He was now a Regional Operations Manager and had floated potential job opportunities my way over the years. But now it was the right time, right job, right place,” said Dustin.

At that time, ORR Protection was redefining various roles across the company to prepare for future growth. With an abundance of projects in the pipeline, the company was building operational systems and processes that would allow it to be proactive, nimble, and efficient. One role that was being reimagined was the Project Manager position. 

“ORR has always had project managers but not to the level and focus we have now,” explains Dustin. “I was excited to be part of that.”

But it was more than just the job that lured Dustin back to ORR.

“I've always loved the values ORR holds. It’s that, and the people I work with that were the main factors for me coming back. Seeing that the people who were superstars during my first time with ORR have been retained and rewarded for their work is encouraging. And when I say superstars, I don't mean just in their work, it’s also how they handled themselves personally and professionally. I wanted to be a part of it all – the exciting growth, the outstanding team, and the company values.”

Communication is Key

Dustin’s ability to build relationships is evident in his journey with ORR, and so is his ability to foster strong communication. Both are an integral part of being a Project Manager at ORR Protection. 

“Once the Sales department completes the sale of a job, they hand it off to the Operations team to execute the job,” explains Dustin. “There's always going to be close communication between Sales and Operations at the beginning so that we know what was sold and what the expectations are. Once Operations steps in, my job is to provide support to ensure each job runs smoothly and efficiently and comes within the budget and the timeframe agreed upon,” said Dustin. “And I make myself available to help out when needed, whether it's helping associates in the field or the area managers. I make sure the work is being done, it's being done productively, and nothing is falling through the cracks. Communication is key – externally between ORR and the customer and internally amongst ourselves.”

Dustin nurtures relationships and fosters communication every day as part of his job. He’s good at it. It’s the reason he was recently promoted to Senior Project Manager over the Southeast Region. Dustin embodies ORR’s core values, and we are glad to have him on our team. No doubt there are associates, both present and future, who consider him one of the superstars.

Mike Gaze & Dustin KingDustin (right) at ORR Protection's Louisville office with the Southeast Region's Operations Manager Mike.


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