Who is ORR Protection looking for?

Posted by ORR Protection on Feb 17, 2022 5:00:00 AM

Who is ORR Protection looking for? [About ORR video Series]

As part of our ongoing video series, About ORR, Chairman of ORR Protection, Clark ORR, discusses the kind of associates we are always on the lookout for. Are you someone who seems like a good fit for our growing business needs?


Video Transcript:

One of our biggest challenges as we grow and not just for our company, but  for many companies today is finding great people. We've been very, very fortunate to historically have brought great people into this organization. It's a big reason we've been successful, probably the biggest reason going forward. We've got a lot of open positions. We are growing and, we need to add talent to our team. The types of people we're looking for are people who reflect our values. So, people who live their lives with honesty, integrity, who treat other people the way they want to be treated with respect. People who want to be a part of an organization, be part of something that's bigger than themselves, with a mission that's bigger than themselves. We're really looking for people who mirror the values that are the foundation of the organization.

They may not necessarily have to be fire protect experts, but they've gotta be willing to learn. They have an open mind. And, frankly, we want people who, don't think that they know it all. We want to be able to bring people in teach them about our industry and learn from them as well. Everybody we bring into this organization is unique. They come from a unique background and they have unique perspectives. With that comes ideas and inputs that can help us. So, not only do we want to help our associates grow as individuals, but we want them to help us grow as a company.

We're in a very unique opportunity with ORR Protection today. We're at the forefront of a market that's  growing. We don't see any slowing down to the opportunities in our marketplace. Our backlog is bigger than it's ever been. And we want people to join our team who want to be part of a winning team who want to help us achieve success and who want to achieve success for themselves.

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