What Type of Dialer Should I Choose for My New Building?

Posted by Zach Nelson on Oct 5, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Watch Lee Kaiser speak about Dialer and Communicator Technology changes. In the video excerpt below, you can watch as he explains how to choose the right dialer for your building's needs. 

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So, I'm wondering if you're expecting me to make a real recommendation on what type of building, or what type of dialer that you could have for your new building or for your existing building but I just can't really do that. 

You've got some options out there.  I've shown you a few of the options, but it's you really have to determine for your building what's available in your town so in the town, I know in Louisville, the Louisville Metro area, there are some radio networks that exist so if you wanna to start to transition away from the POTS lines you might be able to do that.  If the fire marshals are allowing Internet communicators that's another good option.  Cellular has is an option but it maybe has some issues. 

As we travel about the country we've learned that in Chicago is a really kinda good case study about what's happening.  In the suburbs of Chicago radio networks are very popular, okay, and so there's all sorts of different sources for the radio networks but a lot of buildings are moving over to radio communicators and having the antennas for those systems up on the roof but in the City of Chicago it's not as cut and dry because they haven't really moved anything.  All those buildings in the city are still using POTS lines because the fire department there is worried about radio systems working with all the tall buildings, that's one issue.  They're really worried about cellular as an option because you know, with the population density there, if there's a large scale emergency and everybody picks up their cell phone they may lose a network and then, you know, is Internet option so they're almost leaning towards Internet is what we're hearing and so over time as they make their decision they're gonna do that, but understand in each one of those communities it wasn't just an individual building owner's or an engineer's decision.  It was the fire department working with fire alarm companies and building owners to all sort of come together so I guess the point is, this is a community issue for everybody. 

Now, I like to say we need to get moving on this idea but we really need to get moving on it here in Kentucky because last year there was a bill in the state Senate that allowed the major telecom providers that provide the PSTN network to the state to eliminate service to the urban areas within the state.  Two months ago there was a law passed that allowed the telecom providers to eliminate service to all rural areas.  Now the companies haven't done it yet, but they're going to quickly and so if my guess for how long will the network last is 2018.  I think it'll be shorter than that here in Kentucky because the different big companies that provide telephone service are ready to move on to all their new technologies and so I, you know, what are you gonna do when you don't have a phone line anymore for your building?  You're gonna have to be ready to move to something, so, I suppose the whole point of talking about this trend is just to prep everybody to know that someone's, we're gonna have to change how we do our normal business, the fire alarm systems within our buildings. 

Okay, we're ready to take a break.  If you have not, everybody's got their yellow sheet.  If you have not filled out your yellow sheet yet, do so at the break, ask us a question so we can put your name, you know, pick out your question to answer it or make sure that you can get some prizes that we have over here at the end of the drawing, so let's our break.  There's still plenty of breakfast and refreshments in the back. 


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