What is the ORR work family?

Posted by ORR Protection on Mar 1, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Why Associate Health is most important to ORR Protection

In our final installment of our video series, About ORR, Chairman Clark Orr discusses the importance of always placing the well being of our associates ahead of anything else and how good work-life/home-life balance is essential.


So probably one of the best parts about our culture is the family-like atmosphere. I call it the "work family" and we spend so much time with the people that we work with, whether in person or virtually so it's important to our culture. It's really the backbone of our culture and the strongest part of that work family. The glue that holds it all together is that people care for one another. As an organization, we try and be as flexible as we can when people really need us the most. When you've got family emergencies, when you have personal issues, those are more important than anything going on at the office. We want to give people time to take care of those things. That's a very big part of our work family and the way that we do that is other people pitch in and teams come together.

If a team has one of their team members out and they fill-in for that person, that's really how the work family shows up, The bond that our people have is working towards common goals. Our business is difficult. It's not easy. What we do, if it was easy, many more people would do it, but there are high barriers of entry to get into Mission Critical Fire Protection Systems. That expertise of our people makes us unique. I think our people really thrive on the challenge. Sometimes it's long hours, sometimes it's creatively challenging to figure out how to come up with unique solutions for what a customer needs. So it's that interaction. People coming together, working towards those common goals. People genuinely caring about each other when you've got personal issues that trump anything that's going on at work. We want you to be focused on getting your family healthy, getting your life back in order.

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