Webinar Replay: Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety in Data Centers

Posted by Lee Kaiser on Jul 27, 2022 11:17:54 AM



Recently, Lee Kaiser, VP of Engineering, hosted an online webinar covering the use of lithium-ion battery fire safety in data centers. 

Lee and the expert panelists shared some critical information about the possibility of serious fires caused by li-ion batteries in data centers leading to major service outages or injury to unprepared first responders.

There are thousands of li-ion batteries installed in data centers that fire departments know nothing about and aren’t equipped to handle if one catches on fire. It's mission-critical for you and your teams to have awareness of how to adapt existing battery rooms, plan for smoke and fire detection, and which fire control and suppression systems are most effective for data centers with lithium-ion batteries.  

All these important topics, and more, is covered in our webinar replay below.



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