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Posted by Lee Kaiser on Feb 5, 2018 8:04:00 AM

Securiplex water mist systems come in both a low-pressure, the Fire-Scope 2000, and a high pressure, Fire-Scope 5000, version. The Fire-Scope 2000 features twin fluid shearing nozzles and are often used for protecting against turbine fires, while the Fire-Scope 5000 has growing offshore and marine applications. In this video, fire protection expert Lee Kaiser explains the features and applications of the Securiplex water mist systems.


Video Transcript

Lee: "Now, the last manufacturer we're going to talk about is Securiplex. Securiplex has two types of systems that are again made here in the United States. The Fire-Scope 2000 is a low-pressure water mist system which you think about it uses twin fluid shearing nozzles. We'll explain that here in the next slide, and then the 5000 system is a high-pressure water mist system, similar to the first one we talked about, water only, 750 PSI at the nozzle so, you know, high pressure.

Fire-scope 2000 with Twin Fluid Shearning Nozzles

The Fire-Scope 2000 system produces 200 micron water droplets, total flooding up to around 9,200 cubic feet. We keep saying that over and over. Why do we see that number? Because at Factory Mutual the size of the test chamber that they have for these small systems is 9,200 cubic feet, and everybody uses a slightly different calibrated tape measure to come up with the slight variations in the number, but that's the size of the chamber, so that's why they're all listed to that size. It can be used for local application, uses either compressed air or nitrogen to drive it, and so that brings me into talk about the twin fluid shearing nozzles, and this picture you can see four nozzles surrounding, this is as a steam turbine at a power plant and this is protecting a bearing. That's one place that a turbine generator can have a fire, and so we've got four nozzles surrounding that and you can kind of see two pipes coming into each nozzle. So one pipe brings the nitrogen to the nozzle and the other pipe brings the water to the nozzle and then when those two fluid streams meet at the nozzle then the water, the solid stream water busts apart into water droplets and makes the mist for the space.

Fire-Scope 5000 Offshore and Marine Applications

The 5000 system, let's see, it has an option for self-contained gas-driven water, so this unit here, there's, again, a stainless steel piston pump being driven by nitrogen cylinders and a water tank, or we can also have an electric pump option with a positive displacement pump being driven by that electric motor. The 5000 system produces 150 micron droplets. Total flood machinery space is up to 17,000 cubic feet. Turbine enclosure's up to 42,000 cubic feet, and then there's other marine applications. One place that Securiplex has grown their business is in offshore and marine applications. They're located down in Alabama and so they get a lot of that business putting those systems on ships, and then they pipe it with Schedule 40 stainless steel."

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