Trending Clean Agent Systems: In Cabinet Fire Suppression Technology

Posted by Zach Nelson on Dec 28, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Watch Lee Kaiser speak about trending technology in clean agent fire suppression. In the video excerpt below, you can watch as he outlines the application of in cabinet fire suppression technology. 

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We see these small systems being installed in energy uses, specifically wind turbines and small emergency generators. When wind turbines catch on fire they can be quite spectacular--and sometimes you can see...go out and look at YouTube videos of them--but the small systems can be used up here and in the cells where all the generator equipment is, as well as down at the base of the unit where all the control equipment is. And we also use these systems in cabinets. And so I've got a video of a little fire test with a fire trace system installed in the cabinet, and they're going to light a fire at the bottom and in the middle, and you'll watch the system extinguish both fires.

Now, what's important to note about that particular test is that you mentioned they should be in an enclosed area. They actually did that test with the door open and it still extinguished the fires. Per NFP 2001, the Clean Agent Code, that door should be held shut and that normal condition would be for that door to be shut, but we can see that even in this case, they got lucky and still extinguished it with the door open. And so some places where I've basically got boxes that I want to protect, I think about mission critical and IT looking at server cabinets, even modular data centers that you don't have from-the-factory, fire-protection systems installed, power distribution (another great place), any time we have electrical gear, switch gear, UPS cabinets, electrical cabinets, and motor control centers.

This picture here that pops up is of a motor control center with a fire trace system installed on it that had a fire. Here, this larger orange tube is the fire trace tube and down here where the wires are black is actually where the fire started and impinged upon the tube, and that's where it burst and put out the fire.

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