ORR Protection Announces the Reclaimed FM-200 Program

Posted by Lee Kaiser on May 31, 2023 12:50:56 PM


ORR Protection has partnered with A-Gas and Fike to present ORR customers with a limited-time offer on reclaimed FM-200 (HFC 227) for new systems or system expansions.

In A-GAS’s AHRI-certified lab, reclaimed FM-200 is filtered to remove any impurities and ultimately brought back to factory specifications and ASTM standards. The reclaimed agent is then placed into new Fike factory clean agent cylinders complete with Fike’s standard six-year warranty. 

ORR Protection is offering this program to our best customers at a price below the cost of virgin FM-200. Learn more about reclaimed FM-200 from ORR’s Vice President of Engineering, Lee Kaiser, in the video included here, or reach out to your ORR Protection partner today.


My name is Lee Kaiser. I'm Vice President of Engineering for ORR Protection, and I'm excited to announce a new reclaimed FM-200 program that we're making available to our customers. For our best customers, ORR has partnered with a leading agent banking company, A-GAS, and system manufacturer, FIKE, to offer reclaimed FM-200, also known as HFC 227, in new factory clean agent cylinders with the great Fike factory warranty and those listings that our customers expect. This is an offer that's exclusively available to customers of ORR Protection.
So what is reclaimed agent? It's like-new agent. It's agent that meets ASTM standards. When it comes out of a system, it's shipped to the A-GAS factory in Ohio and that agent is extracted out of the system cylinder. It's put into their process where it's filtered to remove any impurities, such as agent that doesn't meet the standard, any water that may have accumulated in the cylinder over time, and ultimately it's brought back to factory specifications.
Inside A-GAS's lab, the agent is tested for quality. Their lab is AHRI certified and it meets original ASTM specifications. The agent is safe to use in both the owner's existing system cylinders or in new cylinders provided by FIKE at the manufacturer's factory. Recycled agent is sometimes used. Understand that recycled does not necessarily mean reclaimed. Recycled agent is just agent that comes out of one cylinder and is put into another cylinder without the factory checks for ASTM standards that are done by A-GAS. So what you want in your cylinders to be sure that there is protection is reclaimed FM-200 and not necessarily just recycled agent.
So what about the listings and the warranty on reclaimed agent? Well, A-GAS has worked through FM Global and has received FM approval for their reclaimed source of HSC 227. FIKE is in the process of seeking UL listing and FM approval for their reclaimed systems.
Using the agent from A-GAS, FIKE is going to be offering their standard six-year warranty, which is industry-leading on new agent cylinders filled in the factory with this agent as designed and installed by authorized distributors like ORR Protection. Reclaimed FM-200 with a FIKE factory warranty is available only through ORR Protection. It's to be used for new system installations, existing system expansions, or changes to existing rooms protected by FM-200. There's a limited amount of reclaimed agent available. It's going to be less than the overall market demand. That's why this is an exclusive arrangement between ORR, A-GAS, and FIKE. We're offering it to our best customers at a price below the cost of virgin FM-200. You should take advantage of this arrangement so you can maintain the stock of your facilities already using FM-200.
If you're in the market for FM-200 for a system expansion or even a new system fallout, complete the form below to make sure you get the best system at the best price available.

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