Lee Kaiser Named FSSA Technical Committee Chairperson

Posted by ORR Protection on Apr 16, 2021 9:29:18 AM

Lee Kaiser, Vice President of Engineering and Training for ORR Protection, has been appointed as Chairperson for the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) Technical Committee.

In this role, Kaiser will have the opportunity to influence the fire protection industry through the Technical Committee's work.

The FSSA has an international membership base with a mission to "promote, educate and grow the special hazard fire protection industry." 

Kaiser's appointment was announced at the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) conference in February 2021.

The appointment reflects Lee's demonstrated commitment to leadership in the industry. He devotes a lot of his time to educating professionals nationwide on the latest fire protection regulations and equipment in fire protection seminars, workshops, and conferences.

He has also exhibited leadership within the FSSA. 

Lee joined the Technical Committee as a guest in 2013 and became an Installer Member in 2015. He has participated in several committee projects, including revising the Cylinder Service Guide, the Pressure Relief Venting Guide, and the Pipe Design Handbook. He is currently working on a new Hazard Review Guide. 

Lee has given numerous presentations on technical and business topics to the FSSA conference and webinars to the FSSA membership. In 2018, Lee began a term on the FSSA Board of Directors. 

Lee is a professional engineer in both fire protection and mechanical engineering, holding licenses in several states. He is the NFPA 75 Technical Committee chair on Electronic Computer Systems and a principal member of NFPA 200 and NFPA 915. 

ORR Protection has a long-standing relationship with the FSSA. Bud Orr, Chairman Emeritus of ORR Corporation, and Ray Aldridge, the current CEO and President of ORR Protection, were past presidents of FSSA. 

ORR is pleased to continue to support the FSSA by sponsoring Lee's work on the Technical Committee.

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