Webinar Replay: FM-200 New Government Regulations

Posted by Lee Kaiser on Jul 20, 2023 6:03:48 PM

ORR_Protection_Presents-FM 200-New Government


Recently, Lee Kaiser, VP of Engineering, hosted an online webinar discussing the future of FM-200.

It's been a year now since new environmental laws in the AIM Act have been introduced, affecting your mission critical fire protection, specifically the fire suppression gas market that produces FM-200, ECARO-25, and similar hydrofluorocarbon chemicals (HFCs).

The AIM act has impacted the fire protection industry by increasing the cost and availability of some clean agent gasses. However, we are well suited in the industry to deal with these changes unlike in 1993 when Halon 1301 was banned for fire protection use. We have the alternatives we didn't have then.

ORR Protection's VP of Engineering and Training, Lee Kaiser, explains how the new environmental laws in the AIM Act affect your mission critical fire protection and answers our customers most pressing questions in this live Webinar and Q&A. 



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