Fire Panel Series: Wireless Systems for Fire Panels

Posted by Lee Kaiser on Jun 20, 2023 6:00:00 AM



Join ORR Protection experts Lee Kaiser and Aaron Wille as they discuss Wireless systems for fire panels. 

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We've done a lot of content in the past about wireless systems. Our Notifier/Gamewell products all have their Swift wireless system available. So now we've installed them. Not done a ton of them. I think that you gotta have the right building for the application, but what do you think we can share with the audience on our observations now, several years out from those installations? And I've seen some other companies install wireless, once they've got the network done, yes. They seem to be pretty robust. My only issue is the amount of maintenance required in order to change the batteries and do all this stuff you wouldn't normally have to do on a wired system. But that's the trade off, right?

Like didn't have to install the wire. Correct. Correct. But you gotta go out and do batteries now. And you know, the only other real issue that I see with it is if the device is pulled and moved, you know, it's gonna give you a point identification that allows me to tell it that it's in our office, right. And that device might get moved to the hallway or to the next office over and even switch. That's what the building, that mesh network is about. But I don't think it's enough to be able to tell you that you've moved it 10 feet one way or 20 feet the other direction, or, that is really my only other concern about it is that we is if they're installed and they're mapped properly they work really well.

But just being able to stay on top of it and make sure that somebody doesn't move it to another office or move it to know. So, you could potentially take a system that was set up with wireless, and everything was programmed right. And everything matched. The as-built drawings and all the offices or rooms were located correctly and labeled correctly. But maybe somebody, because of a remodel, moves something around, it's easy to move a wireless detector hanging on a ceiling tile. Now if you move the head, if you unplug it, you're gonna get in trouble. Yeah. There's a magnet in there, but you know, somebody could potentially take the whole tile and move it somewhere. Yeah. Maybe, you know, hopefully that doesn't ruin your overall fire protection scheme for the building.

Right. But it may confuse somebody if you're trying to find the right detector that's got a trouble condition. We did an opportunity recently where they were doing an annual event. They built the temporary buildings and they wanted some smoke detection in them. We went in and put these wireless devices in and when that time was up, we came in and tore it down and, and it worked great as a temporary solution for them. So we just went in and unplugged the batteries and then next year they want to do it. They want to reconfigure the way they have things laid out, you know, as far as that stuff's concerned. It works really well there. So it's a great, it's a great look. Even a construction site would be an option for it. And we, you know, we offer that, if you're interested in that, we do offer temporary fire alarm systems. We can do that for construction sites.

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