Fire Panel Series: Internet of Things

Posted by Lee Kaiser on Jun 28, 2023 6:00:00 AM


Join ORR Protection experts Lee Kaiser and Aaron Wille as they discuss the Internet of Thing (IoT) and fire panels. 

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A couple questions about the internet of things and how to get data offsite. Is the internet of things impacting fire alarm systems yet? Without going into too much detail, some exciting stuff is coming down the pipe. Yeah. I know we've had some questions about IP dialers and DACs and cellular dialers and stuff like that. This is something above and beyond what you would normally do for a monitoring facility. We've got a product right now that we're kind of in beta testing with that is exciting. And the reason it's exciting is because it's going to give the end user a real-time synopsis of what their fire panels are doing. And this isn't just one, let's say you've got, 30 or 50 across the nation--you could go to one user so they can monitor all of their fire protection systems all over the country.

Yeah. Because of one user. So yes, it absolutely is something that's exciting. It's coming down, it's getting pretty sophisticated pretty quickly. So we have cloud connectivity devices which will send data from your panel to basically deliver that data into an app. And we've got it available from a number of different sources. Some of it is tied in by brand, some of it is a little bit agnostic, but either way, that that is beginning to start to affect the fire system industry. And I think the consumer expectation is that that should be available. And frankly, there's two things I love about my house, right? My two pandemic projects were adding video cameras, one in my garage, so I can see is my garage door up and down. And then two, having a wifi connected garage door open. I love that I can shut my garage door from an app on my phone. And so why wouldn't I want that same kind of at least vision into what's going on with my system for a fire alarm system. So it's out there, becoming available. I think there's a lot that we can do with that, and I'm really excited about it. So, that can work. That could work, whether it's conventional or addressable, right? Absolutely.

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