Cold Storage Protection Webinar

Posted by ORR Protection on Aug 6, 2018 9:03:37 AM

Cold Storage ProtectionNitrogen generation systems not only protect steel pipes in dry and pre-action sprinkler systems from corrosion, but also from ice plugs. These ice plugs occur due to frequent supervisory low air signals and can lead to total blockage of the gas line.

ORR Protection recently partnered with Engineered Corrosion Solutions at the Global Cold Chain Expo and Conference back in June. With several thousand people attending the event, it was great to share how nitrogen technology outperforms traditional desiccant air dryers and even newly introduced vacuum technology.

If you missed meeting with our team at the show, there is another opportunity to learn about the advantages of maintaining frozen and refrigerated operations with nitrogen generators. 

Sign up for the Engineered Corrosion Solutions Cold Storage webinar to discover how to serve more systems with a single nitrogen generator than a regenerative air dryer, increase actual operational effectiveness (completely eliminate ice plugs and corrosion), and decrease annual maintenance costs and reduce energy usage

Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CDT 


ECS will answer your cold storage freezer application questions plus cover:

  1. Available Technologies including Dry Air Pacs, Vacuum Based Systems, and Nitrogen Generators.
  2. Review Industry Guidelines on FM Global Property Loss Data Sheet 8-29 and NFPA 13 Section A.
  3. Best Practices to reduce ice and frost accumulation.
  4. How to reduce maintenance and extend system life for cold storage facilities.

Topics: Corrosion, Leaks and Corrosion

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