Webinar Replay: The Future of 3M NOVEC 1230, Updates and Alternatives

Posted by Lee Kaiser on Jun 8, 2023 2:34:46 PM



Recently, Lee Kaiser, VP of Engineering, hosted an online webinar DISCUSSING the future of 3pm Novec 1230.

In late 2022 3M Company made a surprise announcement about their fluorochemical business that will affect the availability of the clean agent fire suppression gas, Novec 1230™.

This webinar replay video outlines the effect of 3M’s decision, discusses the new concerns raised, and introduces FK-5-1-12 as an alternative to Novec 1230™. 

A few of the things you'll learn from the video include:

  1. The basics of clean agent extinguishing system fire protection
  2. 3M’s announcement affecting the availability of 3M™  Novec 1230™
  3. FK-5-1-12 as an alternative to Novec 1230™
  4. Environmental attributes of FK-5-1-12
  5. Confusion in fire protection with good and bad PFAS
  6. Understanding the regulatory landscape for PFAS
  7. Alternative fire suppression system offerings
  8. Knowledge for users of Novec 1230™  



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