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Guidebook for Accidental System Discharges

A 2016 Fire Protection Seminar Series Guidebook

Learn how to detect causes and cures for common accidental system discharges that occur due to:

  • Human Error
  • Dirty Environment
  • System Malfunctions

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ORR Protection 2016 Seminar eBook Series

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My fire suppression system discharged, but there wasn’t a fire!

ORR Protection 2016 Seminar eBook Series

Building owners who have suppression systems installed know why they need them. They generally understand the critical nature of the process or property the suppression system is meant to protect. However, if that system discharges by accident without a fire, it is frustrating for all parties involved. This guidebook details the Causes and Cures for False Fire Detection, Human Error, and System Malfunction to help you better understand when and why these accidental discharges happen.