Sapphire FK-5-1-12 Flurorinaized Ketone

ANSUL® SAPPHIRE® fixed nozzle, fire suppression systems use 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid for total flooding applications. The agent has 0.0 ozone depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days, and a global warming potential of 1.0. Every SAPPHIRE system is custom engineered for the specific application using the most effective, yet efficient arrangement of storage, actuation, distribution and discharge components.

Using water as a fire suppressant in areas where electronics operate and irreplaceable, high-value assets are stored could be as devastating as fire itself. Protect them instead with a clean agent system, custom-engineered to quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without causing harm to people or the environment. The heart of the system is revolutionary 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid. Stored in cylinders in its fluid form, Novec 1230 instantly vaporizes upon discharge, totally flooding protected spaces and absorbing heat better than water.

The Novec 1230 system suppresses a fire before it can start by detecting it at invisible levels. And once the danger has passed, Novec 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets. Novec 1230 suppression systems represent the most effective fire protection on the market today. These systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where an electrically non-conductive medium is required, where electronic systems cannot be shut down in an emergency, where cleanup of other agents poses a problem, and in normally occupied areas that demand a non-toxic agent. 3M™ NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, referenced as FK-5-1-12 in NFPA 2001 and ISO 14250, is a fluorinated ketone (or fluoroketone) Dodecafluro-2-methylpentan-3-one compound of carbon, fluorine and oxygen with a chemical structure of (CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2).

It is a clear, colorless, low odor, liquid that is super-pressurized with nitrogen and stored in high-pressure cylinders. An ozone depletion potential of zero, a global warming potential of one and a five-day atmospheric lifetime (the next closest product is 33 years) makes Novec 1230 the cleanest, most environment-friendly chemical agent in existence. NOVEC 1230 fluid is registered with the U.S. EPA under TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) and ELINCS (European List of Notified Chemical Substances). It has met the requirements of registration under SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) and is approved for use as an alternative to Halon 1301 for flooding applications in occupied spaces.



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