In-Cabinet Fire Suppression

We realize “In-Cabinet” suppression systems is not a type of gaseous clean agent, but it’s a fire suppression system design for specific applications.   The reason for its placement here is that this is a unique system application and we were concerned that it may be missed.
In-Cabinet Fire
In-Cabinet fire suppression systems are most likely used because it is an economical way to protect a “micro environment,"  such as a computer server cabinets, CNC machine, IT closets, UPS switchgear cabinets, and archive storage enclosures to name just a few. Rather than a total flood of the whole room with an agent, only the specific cabinet is protected.

Obviously, protecting only the micro environment may be a problem in the event the fire is outside the cabinet/micro environment, but the cost savings is attractive.

In-Cabinet FireAt the same time, an argument can be made that protecting the cabinet/micro environment is a positive.  First you are protecting specifically the high value asset.  Secondly, this is most likely where a fire would have the highest probability of starting, and the suppression system is right there at the fire source.

Typical Applications:

  • Computer and Server Cabinets
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Cleaning Tanks CNC Machines
  • Dust and Mist Collectors
  • Electrical Control Cabinets
  • CNC Machine
  • Fume Hoods
  • Cabinets for Laboratories Hazardous
  • Material Storage Manufacturing
  • Wind Turbines