Notifier Voice Evacuation

Notifer Manufaturer Data SheetsImproved Emergency Evacuation

ONYX Digital Voice Command is NOTIFIER's new digital audio evacuation, paging, and firefighter's telephone system. More and more local authorities are requiring voice evacuation, and progressive building owners and managers are installing voice evacuation to provide maximum protection for their occupants. NOTIFIER's new Digital Voice Command (DVC) delivers high quality audio for live emergency paging and simultaneous broadcasting of multiple stored messages.


Notifier Voice Evacuation Fire Protection

ONYX Digital Voice Command's Multichannel digital audio lets you broadcast multiple, distinct messages throughout your entire facility or select designated areas. Digital Voice Command provides critical information or instruction in an emergency - insuring the right people have the right information at the right time during a smoke, fire, chemical spill or weather event.


Customized Audio Messages

Now you can record and maintain your own library of messages and tones as standard .WAV format audio files. There are no more locked down libraries, and the need to change memory chips has been eliminated. Digital Voice Command comes with a standard library of message WAV files to choose from when setting up the system, a feature that speeds installation and eases maintenance. In addition to the standard message library, you can conveniently and easily record, edit and distribute your own custom messages or tones. The VeriFire Tools programming utility can be used to compile a series of packaged or custom messages, creating up to 999 message strings. Digital Voice Command has storage options for 16 or 32 minutes of audio messages.