Mass Notification

A voice evacuation life safety system is often a more effective, faster and safer means of evacuating and/or messaging occupants in an emergency. Fike's Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system is designed for distributed intelligence and ultimate survivability. Fully integrated into the CyberCat line of intelligent fire alarm panels, this modular voice evacuation system adds the benefits of voice messaging to any size application. Building occupants receive clear concise voice instructions pertaining to their specific location, proximity to the situation and emergency strategy - all delivered at the same time!Fike’s integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging System is the ideal foundation of an effective Mass Notification or Emergency Communication System (ECS). ECS are designed to integrate fire, security and communications systems for immediate and effective emergency notification. Recent campus events, the increasing threat of terrorism and concerns for industrial security and safety, have increased the need for sophisticated life safety and notification systems. Start with Fike’s Integrated Voice Evacuation System.

Built-In Redundancy

A back-up is integrated into each voice evacuation amplifier for increased survivability, risk reduction and equipment savings.

Virtually Unlimited Messages

Each amplifier's messages are customizable. Amplifiers can operate independently allowing for each amplifier to simultaneously play unique pre-recorded messages or alert tones.

Fully Digital

Evacuation or other response strategy messages are clear, distinct and easily customizable.

Fault Tolerant Architecture

The fire alarm system continues to operate effectively, even if one component fails for any reason. Offers live paging or messaging from pre-recorded audio files. This prevents bandwidth limitations and eliminates the need / cost of a centralized audio bank.


The modular design of the Fike Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system makes it the right choice for everything from single facilities to high-rise buildings and multi-building campuses.



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