The Exceder Series notification appliances are compatible with all Fenwal suppression control panels and offer modern designs with pleasing aesthetics and low cost of ownership.

The Exceder Series devices incorporate high reliability and high efficiency optics to minimize current draw allowing for a greater number of appliances on the notification appliance circuit. All strobe models feature an industry first of 8 candela settings on a single appliance. Audible models feature 3 sound settings (90, 95, 99 dB). All switches to change settings can be set without the use of a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering. Wall models feature voltage test points to take readings with a voltage meter for troubleshooting and AHJ inspection.

An additional included benefit is the Universal Mounting Base (UMB). The UMB allows retrofitting for previous generation of Wheelock notification appliances. The UMB can be pre-wired to allow full testing of circuit wiring before the appliance is installed. It comes complete with a Contact Cover for protection against dirt, dust, paint and damage to the contacts. The Contact Cover also acts as a shunting device to allow pre-wire testing for common wiring issues. The Contact Cover is polarized to prevent it from being installed incorrectly and prevents the appliance from being installed while it is on the UMB. When the Contact Cover is removed, the circuit will show an open until the appliance is installed. Wall models provide an optional locking screw for extra secure installation, while the ceiling models provide a captivated screw to prevent the screw from falling during installation.


  • Sleek Modern Aesthetics
  • Finger Slide Switches
  • Voltage Test Points
  • Multiple Voltages
  • 3 Audible Settings: 90, 95, 99 dB
  • 8 Candela Settings (Patented)
    • Wall: 15/15_75/30/75/95/110/135/185
    • Ceiling: 15/30/60/75/95/115/150/177
  • Universal Mounting Base (Patented)
    • Ceiling and Wall, Mounts to 5 Backbox Types
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Low Current Draw
  • FM Approved
  • Meets UL Standard 1971, UL Standard 464,
    • ULC, California State Fire Marshal (CSFM)
    • Requirements


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