Intelligent Fire Alarm

The FenwaFenwalNet 6000 Intelligent Fire Alarm PanellNET 8000-ML is a fully featured and cost competitive Multi-Loop, Intelligent Addressable, Networkable, Expandable, Fire Alarm- Suppression Control Panel designed for commercial, industrial, high tech and heritage facilities that include fire detection, alarm notification and suppression as part of their overall risk management strategy. At its core, the FenwalNET 8000-ML is a suppression panel; approved for Clean Agents, CO2, Wet and Dry Chemical Systems as well as water based systems such as Water Mist, Water Deluge, Pre-action and Foam.


  • Maintains use of Event Output Control (EOC) programming – enables complex releasing sequences
  • Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic tools - ground fault detection by circuit
  • Provides migration strategy for installed base - retrofit kit
  • Power supply behind hinged main board reduces control unit footprint and enables easy access
  • Terminal blocks plug-in / plug-out for easy service
  • Multiple knockouts enable efficient wire routing
  • 2-Tier and 3-Tier enclosure options
  • On-board SLC switches enable quick disconnects
  • Release circuits feature built-in NFPA-72 compliant maintenance switches
  • Class A and B wiring on SLC, NAC and ARC – requires no additional hardware
  • All the above with a 36-month warrantyunsurpassed in the industry
  • Integrates seamlessly with HSSD, ASD and LHD detection devices on SLC loop - ability unsurpassed in the industry; lowers overall cost of system

The FenwalNET 6000 Intelligent Control Unitis a fully featured and cost competitive product designed for mission critical facilities that include fire mitigation as part of their overall risk management strategy. The FenwalNET 6000 is fully compliant with all requirements of the new UL 864, 9th Edition of Underwriters' Laboratories.


  • Internet accessible—view current events, event logs and detector sensitivities
  • Programmable to send up to five emails for notification of events
  • Automatic device testing for increased system reliability
  • Compact housing fits any standard wall construction


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