Det-tronics Flame Detection

X3301 Multi-spectrum Infrared Detector

X3301 Multi-spectrum Infrared DetectorData sheet libraryThe most versatile and reliable detector in the world providing the earliest response to the smallest fires and the highest level of false alarm rejection. Its multi-fuel off-axis detection performance provides the largest area of coverage making it a sound economic choice

X5200 UV / IR Detector

X5200 UV / IR DetectorThe X5200 combines a dual-infrared (IR) signal processing of the X9800 with the ultraviolet (UV) sensor of the X2200, providing a high-speed detection solution for applications where spurious UV radiation sources are typically present. This detector can operate in combination mode as a UVIR or in a single mode as a UV or IR.

EXWATCH Surveillance and Hazard Detection

EXWATCH Surveillance and Hazard DetectionCombine state-of-the-art flame detection with an industrial grade camera to monitor hazards and events. The system can be as simple or as complex as required. Your tailored surveillance system can include real-time viewing, remote monitoring with internet accessibility, and pre/post event recording.