Louisville, KY Fire Protection Applications

No matter what type of facility you have or what industry you're in, ORR Protection has experience designing and installing fire suppression and protections systems for a variety of spaces.

What's your application?

  • Data Centers - With the value of data being extraordinarily high, down time is not an option. Servers are packed together, the power is always on, they generate heat, and while not widely publicized, they can catch fire...read more
  • Telecommunications - Like data centers, telco facilities rely on sensitive computing equipment, they are often tightly packed, cooling is a concern, cables and network equipment are always live with electricity, and a fire would be catastrophic...read more
  • In-Cabinet - Data centers are trending towards per-rack cooling and power. Configurations that are compact and modular fit the needs of data centers that are tight on space and require flexibility to adapt to changes within the facility...read more
  • Freezer Warehouse - Freezer Warehouses pose a difficult application for fire protection due to extreme temperatures, air velocity, and high ceilings. Cold storage logistics providers serving the refrigerated and frozen food markets cannot allow a fire to cause failures that could jeopardize temperature control in the warehouse...read more
  • Power Generation - Fires pose a significant business risk, not only because power plants are a major capital investment. Downtime can have serious repercussions for those who depend on an uninterrupted supply of electricity...read more
  • Oil and Gas - Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gasoline storage tanks, compressor stations, gas processing plants, LNG receiving facilities… oil & gas facilities represent significant fire hazards, often complicated by harsh environments and remote locations...read more
  • Manufacturing - Semiconductor fabrication, food processing, pharmaceutical plants... in many industries, even a small fire can cause a significant loss as both the product and the machinery can become contaminated with smoke, as well as the water used to fight the fire...read more
  • Vehicles - There can be risks with large, off-road type construction and mining equipment (such as large excavators / shovels, draglines, haul trucks, wheeled loaders), underground mining equipment, and specialty vehicles (such as slag, pot and/or slab carriers, tunnel boring machines, waste management equipment, and forestry vehicles)...read more
  • Historical and Cultural - Museums, rare-book libraries, historical buildings—these are the institutions that have the critical mission of safeguarding our heritage, preserving it for future generations. Throughout the ages, fire has been the biggest enemy of historical artifacts and buildings...read more
  • Healthcare - As healthcare facilities have grown in sophistication, so has their reliance on equipment, specialized environments, and computer systems. Hospitals give special meaning to “24/7 mission critical” and “life safety.” read more
  • Dust Collection - The concentration of flammable dust in and around filter elements and in the collection chambers is usually above the lower explosive limit. Periodic shaking or reverse jet pulsing produces additional dust clouds that increase the explosive hazard...read more

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