Exit Point

Exit Marking Audible Notification Appliance

In an emergency, speedy evacuation is critical. NOTIFIER's ONYX ExitPoint audible exit technology can reduce evacuation times, preventing injuries and saving lives. ONYX ExitPoint acts as an audible exit sign that helps building occupants pinpoint the nearest exit location and guides them to the building exit quickly, reliably and safely - even when visibility is impaired. Today's fire systems play a crucial role in alerting people to a potential threat. Once someone has made the decision to evacuate, the fire alarm ceases to fulfill a function. The person leaving a building then needs to know how to quickly locate the nearest exit.


Potentially Reduce Evacuation Times Up to 75%


Limitations of Traditional Exit Signage

In most buildings, exit routes are identified by visual means using exit signage. However, signage can be easily obscured by even low levels of smoke. Exits can also be difficult to find in visually cluttered areas, such as an airport or shopping mall. In the event of a fire, people often evacuate a building by the route through which they entered. This is rarely the quickest or most appropriate way out. Many people fail to spot nearby exits and can easily walk straight past them without realizing it.


Directional Sound Defined

ONYX ExitPoint technology is based on directional sound – a completely new technology in fire safety. Directional sound generates noise at all frequencies across the human hearing range. All three frequency bands of Low, Mid and High must be included to provide a true broadband, directional sound, the source of which is easily recognized and located by the human ear.


Directional Sound in Life Saving Technology

Triggered by the fire alarm control panel, ONYX ExitPoint draws attention to exits and egress routes even in perfect visibility, and in poor visibility it is without equal. The directional sound from ONYX ExitPoint is distinctive and does not conflict with the traditional audible devices, such as horns and bells. The varying tones and intensities coming from directional sound devices offer easy-to-understand cues for rapidly finding exits. As soon as people hear these devices, they intuitively know to follow them to exit quickly.


ONYX® ExitPointTM

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