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Commissioning a System

Functional Test of the following:

As part of the initial commissioning of any new system, at minimum it shall be required  by local, state and national Code to test the following:

  • Operation of the Control Unit including lamps, LEDs, LCD’s and fuses.
  • Alarming of each smoke detector by introducing smoke into the chamber of the detector.
  • Activation of each fire alarm pull box, manual pull station or manual release station.
  • Trouble annunciation from supervised  circuits such as SLC (Signal Line Circuit).
  • Verification of off-site monitoring communication within the prescribed time limit.
  • Operation of keyed by-pass switches, maintenance switches and abort stations.
  • Fully loaded  audio visual annunciation test for minimum prescribed time limit.
  • Verification of interlocks such as control shutdowns, fan pressurization activation, damper closures, etc…
  • Pressure testing of suppression pipe network for prescribed time limit.
  • Room pressurization testing for prescribed time limit.

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