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Choosing a Technology


Start by asking the right questions…


What are my fire protection goals?

Be certain to consider:

  • Applicable Codes (NFPA, State and local building codes)
  • Client Desires

Examples of fundamental fire protection goals:

  • Goal: Minimize fire-related injuries and prevent undue loss of life.
  • Goal: Minimize fire-related damage to the building, its contents and its historical features and attributes.
  • Goal: Minimize undue loss of operations and business-related revenue due to fire-related damage.
  • Goal: Limit environmental impact of fire and fire protection measures.

 What are my specific objectives for fire protection?

  • Identify acceptable (tolerable) levels of loss.
    • Injuries to persons.
    • Damage to building.
    • Damage to critical equipment.
    • Interruption of business.
  • Quantified in various measurements.
    • Physical damage in dollars.
    • Maximum downtime.

What design is necessary to achieve my desired fire protection performance level?

You must first consider the following:

  • Identify all hazards to protect against.
  • Understand building construction constraints.
  • Understand environmental conditions (airflow, temperature, etc.).
  • Identify location of critical equipment.
  • Understand emergency response availability.

What is the performance level necessary to achieve my fire protection goals and objectives?

Some levels to consider might be...

  • How big do you want the fire to be when you first detect it?
  • How big do you want the fire to be when you begin to suppress it?
  • How much damage will you allow the suppression agent to cause?
  • How much smoke spread do you want before the fire is extinguished?

Choose the Best Fire Protection
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