Water Mist Fire Suppression

Marioff HI-FOG Water Mist

HI-FOG, by Marioff, is the world’s leading water mist fire protection technology. HI FOG systems use high pressure to produce a fire water mist with average drop size of 50 – 120um. This ultra-small droplet size increases the fire suppression capabilities while at the same time reduces the amount of water need to suppress a fire significantly.  The HI-FOG system is fire protection which is fast, efficient and totally safe for people and the environment, as well as giving virtually cost free clean up or recharging.


Fike MicroMist

The Fike MicroMist system is a self contained,single fluid, pre-engineered water mist fire suppression system for total compartment protection of machinery spaces and compartmentalized gas turbine generators. The MicroMist system employs a brass nozzle which has demonstrated excellent performance extinguishing flammable liquid (Class B) fire scenarios.