What it's like to be a Service Technician at ORR

Posted by Marty Nichter on Jan 1, 1970 12:00:00 AM

At ORR, we like to highlight our associates to give them an opportunity to be recognized and tell their ORR story. In this "ORR Story" we connected with Tyler Price, a service technician with ORR Safety. We got some great insight into what it looks like to be a service technician and how Tyler has progressed his career at ORR. We are so lucky to have associates like Tyler, who see the opportunities within the organization to grow and invest in themselves to better the company and their careers. 

Tell us about your career progression since joining ORR Corporation? When and how did you get your start, and how have your knowledge and skills grown?

I started at ORR in March of 2011 at one of our onsite facilities in Catlettsburg, KY. I began in a part-time, fill-in position. Being a small group, the turnover rate was very low but after about a month of training a position opened up and I was able to jump right into a full-time position.

I heard about ORR from my father who worked for a company that used ORR to service their safety equipment. I got a chance to meet an employee of ORR when I played a round of golf with him and my father. I later sent him my resume and a few month later I received a call for an interview. I had two interviews set up for the same day, luckily my interview at ORR came first, and the manager at the Catlettsburg division hired me on the spot. I ended up cancelling the second interview and have never thought twice about that decision.

Stepping into a technician position was very intimidating at first, there are many different types of equipment and different procedures for repairing, inspecting, servicing, and calibrating each one. ORR offers extensive training, so I have taken advantage of every training possible to further my knowledge and continue to so to this day. 

What is a typical day look like for a service technician in the Technical Service Division at ORR Safety?

I am a mobile technician in the Technical Service Division (TSD) in Louisville. I typically go to customer facilities and conduct work onsite.

There really are no typical days for a service technician because each day looks different depending on the work that needs to be done. Being a mobile technician requires that you have a flexible schedule, be willing to work hard and travel from time to time. There are some weeks that require me to be in three different states conducting onsite work.

My days are usually scheduled ahead of time so that I can prepare for the work I will be completing that day. A good example of this is how I prep to service for one of my largest customers in Chicago. To be successful, I need to print out the inspection reports and gather any equipment needed to complete this job. I then have to account for the five-hour drive to the job site. Prior to arriving at the facility, I have to make sure the guards know I'm coming so I can proceed to the onsite contact quickly to grab the required paperwork to conduct the service.

In a situation like this, I conduct inspections on SCBA’s (self-contained breathing apparatuses), complete lamp cleanings and calibrations on Mini and Multi Rae gas monitors, calibrate Altair5x MSA units and Galaxy Gx2 Station checks. This particular job takes three full days to complete including drive time.

Each job, like the one outlined above, is different and requires many different types of equipment. There aren't any two days that are alike in the world of a mobile service technician.

What has been the best part of your career so far at ORR?

The best part of my career at ORR has been the people. People call to make sure I’m doing ok, ask how my children are, offer support and actually care when they talk with me. It goes a long way when you enjoy the people you work with and work in an environment that fosters genuine friendships with co-workers.

What is the culture like on the TSD team?

The culture in TSD is very relaxed. We all have a job to do, but have fun doing it. Everyone is very different in their own ways but we also have many things in common. There is a wide age range in our group of technicians but we all enjoy working with each other and look forward to going to work each day.

What do you like to do for fun and with your free time?

In my free time I love spending time with my family, I volunteer on the Nelson County Little League board and I coach baseball. My children are very active in sports. In the off season I also like to spend time outdoors hiking, camping and hunting. In the evenings, I often play video games as a way to connect with my son while I am out of town for work.

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