Serving Customers and Serving the Community: Meet Jasmin

Posted by Keith Miller on Apr 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Jasmin has been a customer service superstar at ORR for almost 19 years, working as a customer service representative, a supervisor, manager of the Kong glove line, Special Programs and now she’s about to embark on a new position as a Customer Engagement Specialist. She brings a zest for life to her work, and to her charitable and community-building outreach work through ORR. In this interview, learn more about Jasmin's history and career, and how ORR has supported her family through the years.


How did you get started at ORR?

jasminJasmin: "I wasn’t looking for a job honestly. I was a bank teller and I opened a checking account for the customer service manager at ORR. I dealt with her several different times with issues she had on her account and one day she came in and said ‘Hey, you’ve been really great helping me with all of these problems. I would really like for you to interview for a job at the company that I work for.’ So I went in for an interview and immediately loved the culture. And the rest is history! I  took a leap and here I am."

How has your career evolved at ORR?

Jasmin: "I started in a customer service role in 1999. I went from being a customer service representative to a senior customer service rep to team lead and eventually to supervisor. I then stepped out of that customer service department and briefly got into an instrumentation, inside sales support role.

When we lost the gentleman who was handling our Kong glove line, I stepped in to the role and handled that for several years. It was decided that the Kong glove line should fall under the special programs category, even though it’s a little different than our boot programs and our prescription eyewear program. So when I came back from maternity leave with my youngest, I joined the Special Programs department. This team manages a more complex category to serve, and it’s been fun to learn this different side of our business." 

What does a typical workday look like?

Jasmin: "The role I have right now requires a lot of communication over the phone. I take calls from a variety of stakeholders. It might be someone looking for assistance on how to log into their online shoe catalog, or a call from an employee who doesn’t know how to obtain their prescription eyewear, or it may be a question from one of the labs we use.

Additionally I still handle the Kong gloves. I do everything from requests for quotes to actually taking orders for them, and then getting them shipped domestically and globally.

I do a little bit of everything. After being here as long as I have I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge in a lot of different areas."

jasmin 2

What will you be doing in your new Customer Engagement role?

Jasmin: "In this newly created position, I will be responsible for driving sales for ORR’s Special Programs.  I will be promoting, selling, and servicing a customer base that has been created from smaller accounts, and house accounts, to drive more attention to them as customers. It’s a great next step role for me at this point in my career, and I’m looking forward to the challenge!"

What about life outside of work?

Jasmin: "I have a 13-year-old daughter, Mya, a nine-year-old son, Michael and a two-year-old daughter, Mariah. They’re my whole world.

jasmin and kids

I love entertainment in general. Anyone who knows me knows I love music and I love to sing. I’ll be the first person to pick up the karaoke microphone. I love going to concerts and comedy shows, and just trying things that you may not do every day. I always tell people that I love experiences. Life is so short and you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s my outlook. Right now I have a list of things that I’m going to do in the next couple of years - I want to try skydiving and zip lining. I like to get out and have fun because you never know what tomorrow will bring."

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

Jasmin: "It’s funny because I don’t listen to country music now, even though I did throughout my entire childhood. But my most favorite song to sing at karaoke is Reba McEntire’s Fancy. I don’t know why it’s stuck with me since I was a kid, but it’s just a good song. But pretty much you can put anything on the screen and I’ll sing it."  

What sets ORR apart?

Jasmin: "I brag on this place a lot. The biggest differentiator for me is the culture. The culture here is so different than everywhere else. ORR genuinely cares about the people who work here. The associates are like family to each other.

The other thing that sticks out to me that makes me proud to work here is that ORR is really involved in the community. We frequently host blood drives on-site. My mother is very sick and has been for years, so to me that’s incredibly important. She’s had to have blood more than once during hospital stays. We also participate in Habitat for Humanity builds, Dare to Care, and we sponsor local families in need at Christmas to make sure they have food and gifts under the tree. We’re here to do a job and we take that seriously, but we also have fun and give back to the community. And I know that’s not something you find everywhere.

Jasmin 3

Several years back my mother and my stepfather’s house burned to the ground just before Christmas. The day it happened I left work very abruptly - my family was fine, but they lost everything. Within a matter of days, somebody at work came up to me with an envelope containing several thousands of dollars in gift cards and cash that people, from not only this office but all over the country who work for ORR, had sent in for my mother and my stepfather., It was just incredible to me, that so many people gave generously to  help my family when they hadn’t even met them. It’s a really great example of how wonderful the people are who work here."

Do you have a favorite ORR memory?

Jasmin: "This is a hard one for me because I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. I have encountered and worked with so many incredible people in the 19 years I’ve been here, I couldn’t even begin to choose one memory; I have so many. And now with my new role, I’m looking forward to many more to come!"


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