Making the Transition from Intern to Full-Time Employee

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Meet Taylor and Maria from ORR Corp's Marketing Department. Taylor joined ORR as an eCommerce marketing intern, and after transitioning to a full-time role on the ORR team brought on her friend and former classmate Maria as a new intern. In this interview, Maria and Taylor talk about their experience as interns, the support they received, and their future goals working with ORR.

Taylor and Maria at work

Taylor and Maria at work

What do you like about working at ORR?

Maria: "I really like data analytics and the creative side of marketing, and this job lets me do both. Plus I believe what we’re doing actually matters. We’re providing safety equipment that may save somebody’s life or save them from losing a limb."

Taylor: "I like that ORR has a lot of community outreach programs. We’re not just a part of this company, we’re a part of the community as a whole. And like Maria was saying, we’re actually helping people."

Taylor, Maria and Melissa

Taylor, Maria and Melissa

Do you have advice for someone interested in this internship?

Taylor: "When Maria was applying I told her it wasn’t a typical internship. I think it’s important to form a bond with someone in the company. I didn’t know anybody when I came to ORR, but when I met Melissa I instantly connected with her and she told me exactly what was expected of me. And then when I brought Maria on, I told her what she would be doing on a daily basis - that we have team meetings and everyone is involved, and it’s like a family where you’re not being left behind."

Maria: "It definitely was nice having Taylor here already. And I can always ask our boss Melissa. You have managers and you have leaders. Leaders advise you, they let you try and either fail or succeed on your own. Melissa is a leader. I really liked being able to experiment with things, and then if I had questions she would tell me, or she’d watch me do a couple.  I was able to ask a lot more questions without feeling like I’m bothering people because they’ve been through it too."

Taylor: "If you don’t have a relationship with your manager or if you can’t talk to them, it’s hard. For example if we had a test at school we knew to talk to Melissa ahead of time and she would accommodate our schedules. That was really helpful. A lot of internships, like the one I did in the past, wouldn’t do that."

Maria: "Something else I was really surprised about when I started here is that ORR offers tuition reimbursement. So because I’m really interested in the analytical side, if I wanted to take a class in data analytics or Google analytics ORR will give me every opportunity to branch out and learn the things that I want to learn. They truly do want you to succeed here."

Maria at IUS

Maria on campus

What was the support system like as an intern?

Taylor: "You get a specific job and a description of what you’re going to be doing. A lot of internships don’t do that. They don’t really treat you like an employee, they treat you like a temp, or just say 'Oh, well you can do the filing for us, and hopefully that can give you credit.' And that’s not what internships are supposed to be about. They’re supposed to be a learning experience to show you what you really want to do, or what you don’t want to do. Actually learning from it. With ORR you can do that."

Maria: "This is for sure a team environment. We really feel like we’re just one big team, even though we’re working in separate departments. There isn't anybody that I would be hesitant to go to or that makes me feel like I’m being judged. They’re all right there, and if you need something you ask. Maybe they’ll ask me something as well."

Taylor: "I agree."


Maria and taylor

Maria and Taylor at an ORR Corporation function

Do you have any advice for any incoming interns or for people who are interested in interning at ORR?

Taylor: "Have an open mind. When I first saw this internship, I was hesitant. I thought 'well, what do I know about safety equipment? I know NOTHING about this industry. How is that going to be interesting to me?' But when I came in for the interview I knew immediately that I wanted to work here. And it didn’t matter what they were selling, I was sold!"

Maria: "I agree with Taylor. Just stick with it, keep an open mind, ask questions, and learn everything you can. I think it really opens up the breadth of what you can do. You can learn so much here. There are so many different departments that you can move into."

Taylor: "And I feel like ORR has an open door policy. If you wanted to move from marketing because you’re not sure you're the marketing type then you could go to sales, or OPS. They're more than willing to transfer you so you can get experience. At ORR they want you to be happy and to enjoy your time here."

Maria: "Yeah, it really does feel like a family. This company was founded by a family, and it’s nice to see such a big company that still maintains the family aspect. Sometimes the CEO will still come upstairs and he’ll know Taylor’s name!"

Maria and Taylor at Work

Maria, Taylor and Clark Orr, Jr.

Do you feel like there are opportunities to grow within ORR?

Maria: "Yes, for sure. So right now what we’re doing, it’s going to change in a few months. We’re getting updated job descriptions, so I’ll be learning even more. And there are different departments, even just within marketing - there’s the creative side, there’s..."

Taylor: "Graphic design."

Maria: "Yes, graphic design, there’s the side that deals with designing the website, there’s events. So even in the marketing department I feel like I have a lot of places to grow."

Taylor: "For me, being able to be full-time for the summer before I went back to Indiana University, it was an eye-opening experience. I got to see and learn a lot more, and Maria got the same experience over Christmas break. She got to work full-time and see what it’s like."

Maria: "They treat you like a regular employee here. I’m considered an intern, but I feel like I’m an employee of the company. Because their plans are - most of the time at least - to keep you on full-time and turn you into an employee. They want to establish that relationship with you so that the transition is a lot smoother."

Maria and Taylor wedding dress shopping

Shopping for Taylor's wedding dress

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