Who's Who in Associate Services, Legal, and Safety

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A message from Jim Herr.

ORR Corporation has been through many physical and organizational changes in recent months. As a result, we have some friendly new faces and expanded roles within the Associate Services, Legal, and Safety departments. As corporate functions of ORR, we are here to support the organization through its continued growth and successes.  

Tara Johnson has a new role as Associate Services Business Partner and Benefits Manager. In addition to managing benefits, Tara will now contribute to company performance by providing tactical and strategic consulting on people and organizational development strategies in support of business objectives. Tara is the first point of contact for anything associate services related other than recruiting and onboarding such as associate relations, benefits, and policy application and interpretation. Tara reports to Jim Herr.

Amy Cullen continues her great work as our Talent Acquisition Manager supporting the organization with all talent management and acquisition needs. In this capacity, Amy leads the implementation of the strategic recruiting objectives to attract, develop, select, and retain engaged associates for the corporation while enhancing ORR Corporation’s visibility in the marketplace. Amy reports to Jim Herr.

Kristen Ledbetter recently joined the Associate Services team as a Talent Acquisition Recruiter. Kristen’s main focus is to assist with recruiting and retaining top talent for the organization. Kristen reports to Amy Cullen.

Susan Rein has joined the Associate Services team as an Administrative Assistant. Susan supports the Associate Services, Safety, and Legal departments with projects and HR tasks as needed. Susan reports to Tara Johnson.

Ali Gieselman supports the department as the Associate Services intern. Ali’s main focus is assisting with onboarding and new hire-related tasks. Ali reports to Amy Cullen.

Emma Farnsworth and Donna Thompson are our Front Desk associates. Emma and Donna cover the phones as well as manage deliveries, and process all incoming and outgoing mail. They can be reached at drthompson@orrprotection.com and efarnsworth@orrprotection.com. Emma and Donna report to Tara Johnson. 

Jena King is ORR’s Corporate Paralegal and works in the Legal Department supporting the ORR enterprise in general legal matters. A significant portion of Jena’s work involves contracts. Below are some important reminders regarding contracting at ORR:

  • Contracts (including pre-approved ORR contract templates with any changes) require legal review. You are encouraged to take advantage of ORR pre-approved contract templates.
  • Various approved contract templates are readily available for your use on the Legal page of the intranet at https://sites.google.com/orrprotection.net/legal/home. Don’t see what you need?  Just ask.
  • Always access contract templates through the Legal page to ensure you have the current version as these documents are periodically updated as changes in business needs or laws are encountered.
  • To commence a legal review of a contract, email a completed Contract Intake Form (see Legal’s intranet page), and all contract documents to Jena King (jking@orrcorp.com) with a copy to JamesH@orrcorp.com.
  • Remember, an offer (proposal/quote), acceptance of that offer (purchase order), and consideration ($$$) create a contract. Therefore, all ORR proposals/quotes and purchase orders must have the current ORR entity Terms & Conditions attached (see Legal page of the intranet).
  • Early submission of a contract for review (along with all documents and information) is very important to ensure your project progresses timely, smoothly, and with appropriate risk assessment. All contracts must be fully executed prior to commencement of work.  
  • Legal’s goal is to return initial review comments within five (5) business days; however, we are currently well under three (3) days.  
  • All contracts must be fully executed by authorized representatives of all parties to the contract.
  • All fully executed contracts are to be provided to Jena King (cc:  Jim Herr) for administration in ORR’s central contract repository, maintained by the Legal department.
  • You can find more in the “Other Resources & Articles” section of the Legal page of the intranet. 
  • If you need any assistance, Jim and Jena are glad to help you. 

Kyle Hardin is ORR’s Safety Supervisor and is responsible for any safety-related matters, along with workers comp, and questions regarding 1Source. He also works to keep ORR in compliance with federal and state regulations put forth by OSHA, MSHA, DOT, ATF, and the EPA. Kyle reports to Jim Herr.  

Jim Herr is responsible for the overall performance of these departments. He is also responsible for Enterprise Risk Management, which includes major contract negotiations, company deals, dispute resolution, and general legal support. Jim is also a resource for employee relations matters, organizational development and planning, and general human resources support. Jim works closely with Kyle to ensure we are meeting all safety challenges facing the company. Finally, Jim works with the InspectionLogic team as its President and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

We need your help! 

If you have not responded to our AppSheet request for your vaccination status please do so as soon as possible. All information is being kept confidentially in Associate Services and will only be used with your consent on an as-needed basis to manage customer requirements.

It is also extremely important that we have up-to-date information for all associates in ADP. Please log in and complete or update the following at your earliest convenience:

  1. Ensure address and phone numbers are correct
    1. Select Myself>My Information>Personal Profile in ADP
  2. Make sure you have an emergency contact, and it has valid contact information
    1. Select Myself>My Information>Personal Profile in ADP
  3. Update Beneficiary information-both in ADP and for Principal 401(k)
    1. In ADP, select Myself>Personal Information> Dependents and Beneficiaries.
    2. For Principal, visit www.principal.com then select Overview>Beneficiaries

About the AuthorJim Herr

Jim is ORR's Executive Vice President of Administration, Development, and Legal Affairs. He also serves as President of InspectionLogic.