Use Your PTO to Disconnect and Recharge

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A few weeks into the pandemic, we talked about the importance of our mental and physical health and well-being during these uncertain times. COVID-19 continues to be part of our daily lives and we continue to navigate our business during this new normal. For some of you, the days may feel like they’re running together. It’s easy for the lines between your work and your personal life to become blurry when you work from home. One way to disconnect and recharge is to use some of your available paid time off (PTO). Research shows that taking time off from work is good for your health because:

  • You need time to mentally reset.
  • You will feel more productive when you return.
  • You can rekindle relationships with family and friends.
  • You can use the time to reset your focus.

With the holidays around the corner, taking PTO may be beneficial as research shows that stress and depression are prevalent this time of year. Although gathering with family and friends may be different this year, PTO can be used to take a few days to calm your brain, spend time with loved ones or catch up on projects around the house. Please be sure when you take time away from work for vacation, doctor appointments, or a half-day to run errands that you enter the time used into ADP as PTO. 

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated because of various COVID-19 restrictions and other events taking place across the country. As a reminder, we have resources that can help you navigate through this challenging time. ORR’s Employee Assistance Program can provide varying degrees of assistance. 

As the end of the year approaches, associates have asked what happens to their PTO balance. You may earn PTO up to a specified cap as shown in the table below. Once you earn the maximum amount of PTO, you will not earn additional hours. Once you use PTO and it drops below the cap, you will begin to accrue again.

Length of Service

For Full Time Associates, Total PTO is Capped At:

For Part Time Associates, Total PTO is Capped At:

Years 0 - 4

200 hours (5 weeks)

4 weeks

Years 5 - 9

240 hours (6 weeks)

5 weeks

Years 10+

280 hours (7 weeks)

6 weeks

If you have additional questions about our Paid Time Off Policy, please review ORR’s Associate Handbook or contact any member of the Associate Services Team.

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Tara is the Associate Services Business Partner & Benefits Manager for ORR.