There Are Big Things Ahead for ORR

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clark-orr-200A message from Clark Orr.

I hope that this message finds you and your family well. In my home, we are starting to get ready for the upcoming school year which means summer is winding down. As usual, it went by far too quickly but to be frank, the routine of the school year is sounding good right about now!

August also marks the second month of our fiscal year fourth quarter, and what a year it is shaping up to be! The leadership team and I are eager to share our end-of-year results with you as the news is overwhelmingly positive. Records will be broken for both OPS and ILC, the only question now is by how much? We have much to be grateful for and excited about.

Two weeks ago we received verbal approval for two multi-million dollar opportunities, both with customers in the Power Generation vertical. I realize this is a tease but I’d prefer for the details to come from the Power Gen team. I will share that ORR Protection is the market leader when it comes to lithium ion battery protection in the United States. This is directly attributable to the expertise, professionalism, passion, and responsiveness of the Power Gen team and the account managers who work with them. The growth potential in the battery storage space is significant and I know we will continue to do everything we can to cement our position as market leaders in this rapidly growing vertical. Excellent work to the Power Generation team and the sales and operational teams who support them!

Hopefully, you had the chance to read the announcement sent this morning from Bruce Aldridge regarding the Odoo go-live schedule. While we are confident that we could take the entire organization live in October, in light of the growth we are experiencing, staggering its release makes a lot of sense. Growth by itself presents various challenges that need to be managed carefully, especially cash flow. With the size of the projects we are landing, especially in the Power Gen vertical, the industry is watching to see how we perform. Staggering the Odoo release will give us more time to develop and test the system to ensure that our customers see the same or better performance as they experience from us now. 

If there is one overwhelming sentiment I feel for both OPS and ILC, it is gratitude. Much has been asked of many of you to get us to this level of success, and the work is far from over. But I hope we can all take pride in the fact that our companies are thriving in their respective spaces. Our value proposition to our marketplaces is strong; this is evident by the string of wins we have achieved over the past 18 months. It is my hope that we all see the benefits of our mutual success and company growth.

Many thanks and congratulations to each of you!  We are doing incredibly well, and we have strong reasons to believe that this is just the beginning.

My best for a safe and productive week ahead.

Thank you,


About the AuthorClark Orr

Clark Orr is the Chairman of ORR Corporation.