Technology Issues? Contact the Service Desk!

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The past few months have given us some unique technical issues. Now that things are getting back to normal, it is important that we go back to the proper protocol for submitting technical requests and issues. 

ALL technical requests and issues should be submitted to the ORR Service Desk. 

Going through the service desk ensures that a job ticket is created. An official job ticket allows for your request to be assigned to the proper person, tracked, and for there to be accountability to the resolution. 

How to Submit a Help Desk Request:

ORR has partnered with Louisville Geek to be our service desk administrator. There are multiple ways to contact Louisville Geek.


To submit a Service Desk ticket via email, please email servicedesk@orrprotection.com. There is also a direct link to contact the service desk at the top of the intranet home page.


Louisville Geek is also available via phone at 502.882.6885 Monday through Friday, 24 hours each day.


Service requests can be submitted online through Louisville Geek’s website. First, follow this link to register. Once on the registration page click “Sign in with Google.” This will send a request to Louisville Geek to add you as a user. Once you are registered, you can submit a service request online by using the same link or by visiting the Louisville Geek website then choosing Support Center>Submit a Service Ticket. 

FSM Help Desk

The only exception is for the following applications: SalesForce, NetSite, NetReport, and ServiceMax issues should still be sent to fsmhelpdesk@orrprotection.com. This address will return an automated response from Louisville Geek telling you we have received the ticket.

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