Reserving Conference Rooms & Office Space at the Louisville Office

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The new Louisville headquarters has a number of conference rooms with varying capacities along with office spaces that are available for use by ORR associates. These spaces can be reserved through Google Calendar. Please follow the steps below to reserve a conference room or office.

  1. Open your Gmail box

  2. Access Google Calendar by clicking on the nine-dot grid (Google Apps) at the top right, by your photo

  3. Once Calendar is open, click the CREATE button on the top left of your screen, this opens a meeting request box.

  4. Type the name of your meeting or just your name, then choose the date and time you would like to reserve the space.

  5. Next, click ADD ROOMS. This will bring up a list of conference rooms and offices available on the date and time you have designated.

  6. Click the room you want to reserve, then click the back arrow.

  7. Click SAVE to secure your reservation.

If you would like to look at a conference room calendar, you can do so by choosing BROWSE OTHER CALENDARS on the left sidebar of your calendar page. Next, click BROWSE RESOURCES. This will bring up all Louisville building conference rooms and offices that can be reserved. Hover over the one you are interested in and click the preview eye that will appear to the right of the room name. This will pull up the room’s calendar so you can see what is available. 

About the AuthorBrandi Semar

Brandi is the Executive Office Manager for ORR Corporation.