ORR Says Goodbye to a Superstar

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When I first joined ORR’s team to help with the ORR Safety Dynamics365 conversion, I was introduced to a consultant in the Accounting group. Ken Jinks, the controller at the time, thought she might be more useful to the IT team than the accounting team. At first, I was wondering if Ken was trying to get me to take an unproductive employee off his hands, but figured that couldn’t be the case. Ken is a generous and thoughtful person and wouldn’t do that to someone. Besides, she was a consultant, so he could just tell her he was done with her contract. But Ken saw something else in her. It only took a few minutes of talking to her to realize what Ken was seeing.

Kate White is a superstar. Her knowledge of business (much of it learned at Caterpillar, the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world), specifically the details needed to run it well, is phenomenal. She also understands technical issues, is diligent in her testing and reviews, and is extremely patient with end-users. That is such a unicorn in the world of Information Technology. 

She also possesses the ability to see things from the perspective of … anyone. She is equally comfortable and proficient at designing requirements and testing criteria for a technician, a back-office associate, an IT professional, or a business owner. 

One of the things I like most about Kate is her ability to disagree with me in a most agreeable way. She has high standards, and when she sees a threat to achieving those lofty goals she will let me know. Her diplomacy is fantastic which makes it much easier for me to consider taking a different path. I have learned to lean on her for practical advice, knowing she always has the organization’s best interest at heart.

Kate is moving on to new opportunities, and I am excited for her about her new prospects, though selfishly I wish she would stay. Please join me in thanking Kate for her great work and wishing her the best of luck in the future. And wherever you are, thank you, Mr. Jinks.

About the AuthorBruce Aldridge

Bruce is the Vice President of Information Technology and ePMO for ORR Corporation.