New Unwanted Incidents Reporting Site

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A new Unwanted Incidents report site has been deployed through the new ORR Google intranet site. It can be found on the Company Apps section and is also linked inside each of the OPS Pages sections.
The new app is extremely easy to use. When you click on the report it will open to a new incident. The mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).
There are a few notable changes from the last reporting app. First, under the Incident Location section you should choose Customer from the list if you were at a customer site and more fields will open for you to fill in the customer information. The second notable difference is that this app will be used for all unwanted incidents, quality, and safety. When filling out the report you should choose an incident class and then an incident type from the drop down.  
Please use the drop down data as much as possible to fill out the report as this will make the aggregation of data easier and more accurate. If you see something that could help to make this app better please email me at jgrant@orrcorp.com.

About the AuthorJerry Grant

Jerry is the quality manager for ORR Protection.