New Password Manager Coming Soon

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You spoke and we listened! With many of our applications moving to the cloud, a lot of you expressed the needKeeper for a password manager. The ORR IT team would like to introduce Keeper Security. Keeper is the world's leading cybersecurity platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyber threats. And not only will you receive a work account, but ORR has purchased a personal account for you and four family members or friends.

For an introduction to Keeper and its uses, please watch this brief video. (Note: if asked, you do not need to sign in to Vimeo to watch this video, just simply ignore the request to sign-in.)
Stay tuned for an invitation to register for Keeper. Your invitation will arrive via email and will look like the below:
Keeper invite email


About the AuthorJonathan Nichter

Jonathan is the manager of systems administration and support for ORR.