How to Contact the Technical Training Department for Support in the Field.

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The ORR Protection Technical Training Department offers remote technical support to our field-based associates. This is to help you with our products and services. If you have the need for technical support, please send an email to: techsupport@orrprotection.com. During normal business hours, we will contact you within the hour to assist.

Examples of items the team can assist with:

  • Manuals/documentation/codes
  • Panel or system software (finding software or directions on using it)
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Operational information
  • Manufacturer support numbers
  • Testing procedures
  • Inspection procedures
  • ISO procedures and work instructions
  • Communications questions
  • Training material needs
  • Training general questions

If after consulting the manufacturer’s manuals, consulting with your supervisor or manager and you still have questions please email us at techsupport@orrprotection.com. In the case of an emergency, you can call Bob Devlin or Aaron Wille at the numbers below. If you call please have your manual ready.

Bob Devlin
ORR Protection
Technical Training Manager

Aaron Wille
ORR Protection
Technical Trainer

About the AuthorBob Devlin

Bob is ORR Protection's Technical Training Manager.