Help! Where is the intranet?

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By now you know that ORR has a new Google intranet site. SharePoint has gone, Google has arrived! The intranet is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know as an ORR associate.

And, the intranet now has a new, easy-to-remember address! You can find it at: 


For really easy access, we recommend bookmarking the site or making it your homepage.

Don’t see something that you need on the intranet? Each department has the ability to edit their page, so reach out to someone in the department you need info from and ask them to add it to their page.

For any technical issues or requests, contact the ORR Service Desk.

Email: servicedesk@orrprotection.com

Phone: 502.882.6885 or extension 1111

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