Help! I Think I Have a Computer Virus.

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"Whoops! I clicked on something and got a pop-up telling me I have a virus and to call a phone number or click a link for help."

STOP! This is a scam. ORR IT and Louisville Geek DO NOT operate this way. We would never pop up a phone number to call or link to click to work on your computer. We will always call or chat with you first to get your permission to remote into your machine. And we will NEVER ask for personal information like your social security number or banking information.

If you notice anything suspicious with your PC, turn it off and call us right away at 502.882.6885. From there, Louisville Geek will walk you through your next steps or they will escalate the issue to ORR IT for additional support.


For any technical issues or requests, contact the ORR Service Desk.

Email: servicedesk@orrprotection.com

Phone: 502.882.6885 or extension 1111

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